Dwyer MS 321 Magnesense Differential Pressure Transmitter

Dwyer MS 321 Magnesense Differential Pressure Transmitter
Product Description

Dwyer Instruments MS-321

Differential Pressure Transmitt er, 0-10V, Panel Mount

The Series MS Magnesense Differential Pressure Transmitter is an extremely versatile transmitter for monitoring pressure and air velocity. This compact package is loaded with features such as: field selectable English or metric ranges, field upgradeable LCD display, adjustable dampening of output signal (with optional display) and the ability to select a square root output for use with Pitot tubes and other similar flow sensors. Along with these features, the magnetic sensing technology provides exceptional long term performance and enables the Magnesense transmitter to be the solution for a myriad of pressure and flow applications. Field Upgradeable LCD. No need to order two separate transmitters. Simply stock a transmitter and display and you can satisfy any customer's requests. Simply remove cover and snap the LCD onto the board. Field Selectable Ranges in metric or English. Lowers stock and inventory requirements. You'll always have the right transmitter for every job. Digital Push Button Zero and Span. Reduces calibration time significantly over other transmitters that utilize potentiometers. Lowers maintenance time and costs. Adjustable Digital Dampening smooths out unstable pressure fluctuations common in air flow applications. Field Selectable Air Velocity Mode for fan and blower applications. Unit provides square root output that accurately tracks fpm or m/s flow rate. No need for a smart programmable indicator or PLC to convert pressure to air flow. Reduces components and installation time lowering overall costs.

Product Highlights

0-10 V output

selectable range 0.1, 0.25, 0.5 in H2O. (25, 50, 100 Pa)

panel mount

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